come back to me

seisme said: 29 31 37... But u a weak ass :<

I know…

29. talk bout what turns you on.

Ugh. Might sound weird, but girls with straight hair kept in a pony tail make me mad.  Also, the usual neck kisses, back scratching, a good massage, a good conversation.. But the best thing is when a girl shows that she really wants you down.

31. talk bout what you think death is like.

That’s one of the most interesting things i usually think about imo. I really don’t know. When i concentrate a lot on this matter, I find myself in a black space, losing my being, feeling like nothingness surrounded by void. It’s pretty terrifying. Guess that’s all it will end up to.

37. talk bout someone you thought you were in love with.

I never ‘tought’ I was in love with someone. You can’t ‘think’ you are in love with someone. Either you are or not, no in between. I like different girls all the time, but I never leave the impression I love them, that shit can hurt feelings and I’m not like that. Straight to the point.


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